IMPORTANT NOTE: the online certification exams are not compatible with the macOS Catalina (version 10.15) operating system. Our certification provider is working on it and we'll update this message when that macOS version is supported.
The Symfony Certification is now available online.

Twig Certification

Are you a professional web designer? Do you master Twig? Do you want your expertise or your team to gain recognition? Then, there’s just one thing to do next: the Twig Certification!

Take the exam online from the comfort of your own home or work office and join the exclusive community of certified Twig designers.

45 questions

8 topics

60 minutes

Entirely in English

Exam Topics

  • Basic Concepts

    • Basic Twig concepts
    • Twig syntax
    • Escaping
  • Filters

    • Built-in Twig filters and their parameters
    • Chaining filters
    • Alternative filter syntax
  • Tests

    • Built-in Twig tests
    • Combining tests and conditional expressions
  • Control Structures

    • Loops
    • Conditionals
    • Combining loops and conditionals
  • Variables and Expressions

    • Defining variables
    • Accessing simple and complex variables
    • Expressions
  • Functions

    • Built-in Twig functions and their arguments
  • Operators

    • Built-in Twig operators
    • Combining operators
  • Template Re-use

    • Basic and multi-level inheritance
    • Including template fragment
    • Embedding templates